New service available from Greek Helicopters. Athínai TMA Communications Archive. All communications on 124.025 in the vicinity of Attica for aircraft and the entire Athinai TMA concerning the controllers, will be available to listen or even to be downloaded. We are working hard to extend the aircraft reception for the entire TMA.

Long story short, pilots will be able to retrieve their dialogues with Athinai TMA at any time. The recordings are divided to 10 min silence segments and named according to date and time. The delay of the latest transmission is less than 3 min. A great tool for students and instructors.

The service is free for the time being as a trial period until the 31st December 2019. Thereafter it will be available only to Greek Helicopters Members.

Athínai TMA Communications Archive

For listening live you can download 124.025 app from the Apple Store. More details at Athinai TMA on 124.025