Radio Recordings

The following happened at Megara Airport LGMG 08/26. For the records, on this airport, aircraft’s Demonstrated Crosswind Component is considered as WIND RESTRICTION for take off…!!! No this is not a joke. The ATC has a list with all different types of aircraft and their Demonstrated Crosswind Component as depicted on flight manuals!!!

Furthermore the pilot had the conversation captured on the video camera located on the aircraft for procedural and training reasons. He then post it on facebook but was… bullied… to delete the video. This is the text of the radio conversation:

– (pilot) Megara this is D-EOLG
– (twr) DLG
– (pilot) DLG at the apron request start up and taxi instructions.
– (twr) Request denied. You are beyond wind limits. Wind from 10 degrees 7 kts gusting 24 kts
– (pilot) … DLG

Cross Wind Component (206 downloads)


This is a new one!!! Never happened again. Tatoi DOES NOT APPROVE the Robinson helicopter to transition its airspace on route to Afidnai heliport due to heavy traffic of 3 airplanes making touch and go’s!!!! Furthermore requests the pilot to go around from where he came!!! Of course the pilot advises he has no fuel for such a deviation (almost 1 hour!!!). You can tell by the voice of the TMA controller who transmits Tatoi’s request that he is also wondering WTF but tries to be professional TMA-20200204-1022 (36 downloads)


Regulations Violation An AOC helicopter requests to change the flight plan while airborne and the request is denied multiple times:  TMA 2019 06 20190610 1403 (14 downloads)


The controller cannot find the flight plan of a VFR flight and demands the pilot to land. The pilot is so frustrated that forgets the name of the old Athens airport Hellinikon: TMA 2019 06 20190610 1349 (6 downloads)


Regulations violation Pilot’s request to transition at 500′ is denied while 1000′ AGL and below is class G, uncontrolled airspace and of course NOT controlled by Athinai TMA information. TMA 2016 01 20160111 1503 (4 downloads)


Lack of knowledge The controller does not have knowledge of the NOTAM area boundaries and rather than checking requests the pilot to avoid an area that is more that 15NM away of the NOTAM area. When the pilot asks if she is aware of the NOTAM boundaries she returns with attitude saying “…it is forbidden sir. stand by”. After that another controller takes the microphone and grands the pilots request. TMA 2019 03 20190325 1024 (46 downloads)


Flight safety The pilot advises that he experiences strong turbulence and requests to remain at 6000′ for a little longer while abeam Elefsina en route to Megara airport flying VFR. The controller gets angry at the end and with an attitude tells the pilot: “…proceed on your own responsibility then” (!!!) as if there was a time in VFR aviation history when it
wasn’t. TMA 2017 08 20170806 1650 (47 downloads)