AviTracer provides cost effective light aircraft flight watch services for

  • Air-taxi operators who require an efficient way to track their flights and have multiple summaries for their operations,
  • flight schools and instructors for a visualized and constructive debriefing,
  • individual private pilots who want to share their live flight track with friends and family.

AviTracer Statistics

Since 08.05.2022, updated hourly


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Airborne hours


One-time links

Flight watch

Watch the fleet on different kind of maps like satelite or aviation type with location update every 10sec.

Trip history

Go back and see past trips with information for the route like altitude and speed on each point.

ETA on locations

Select an airborne aircraft and choose any location on the map to get the ETA (estimate time of arrival)

One-time links

Create one-time links for a selected period of time for one aircraft and send it to your passengers or associates. He will have the ETA of the aircraft for his location.

iPhone/iPad Application

AviTracer is available for the iPhone and iPad on the Apple Store.

Push Notifications

When the aircraft departs or arrives to a specified location you will be immediately notified with push notifications.

For Greece, Airports and all licensed heliports are already in the system. If there is no specified location then the closest village or town will be referred.

Custom locations serving the needs of each individual company can be added upon request.

Visualized 3D Debriefing

AviTracer service coverage