Drone Causes Concern Over ILIOUP Point

At precisely 08:55 UTC today 10 September 2023, there was a report of an orange drone flying southbound over ILIOUP point, a critical airspace. The drone was reported at an altitude of 2800’ MSL (2000’ AGL). At the time the drone was spotted, two helicopters were in close proximity, adding to the potential risk of…

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CAUTION TO HELICOPTER PILOTS: Drone Fire Detection Operations in Kifissia, Erythraia and Dionysos Area

Given the presence of this drone in the airspace, it is crucial for all aircraft specially helicopters to remain vigilant and maintain a safe distance from the operational area.

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Χάος και εκνευρισμός στην Athina ΤΜΑ… μόνο σε συγκεκριμένες βάρδιες

Εχει καταντήσει σχεδόν καθημερινή η ταλαιπωρία στην TMA των Αθηνών. Όχι από τη ζέστη ή την αυξημένη κίνηση αλλά την απαράδεκτη απόφαση κάποιων ελεγκτών να απαγορεύουν τις απογειώσεις λόγω μεγάλης υποτίθεται κίνησης. CTOT δηλαδή σε VFR πτήσεις!!!! Παγκόσμια πρωτοπορία!!!

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Helistar Profarta heliport – Neighborly friendly practices

As responsible helicopter pilots, we encourage you to adopt neighborly friendly flying practices at Koropi Profarta heliport.

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Athens Heliport approach and landing

All pilots wishing to use the heliport must comply with the neighborly friendly approach and departure paths and be familiar with the heliport procedures as described on the heliports website on page Pilot Lounge Pilots are kindly requested to follow ONLY the paths depicted on the map (green color) for approaching and departing the heliport…

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