Pilot Advisory Messaging system (PAM) is based on Apple Wallet to send push notifications concerning significant information for pilots flying in Greece.
Important information, new regulations, routes, waypoints, radio frequency changes or even significant weather conditions, NOTAMS mostly for Athinai TMA as well as remarkable articles published on Greek Helicopters are send through as advisory messages to the ticket holders in the form of push notification. The service is totally free.

Add the PAM pass on your iPhone and/or Watch (just like with boarding passes, tickets, credit cards etc.) following the link below and you are all set! Please note that Wallet is not available for iPad.

When there is a new message you will receive a pop up push notification on your iPhone’s lock screen. You can then click on it to see the message. Detailed information, if available, is on the back (just press the three dots to turn it over). After being clicked, the notification will disappear from the lock screen but the ticket will have all the information until next update.

We recommend to keep all settings found on the back of the ticket ON or you will not be able to receive notifications. Of course you can totally remove PAM at any time. You want to share it with your colleges? Easy, directly from your iPhone using the sharing option (top right corner on the back of the ticket).

The service is available also for Android users but they have to use an application that supports Wallet passes. There are a couple available but we do not support nor suggest any OS other than iOS and Apple platform for aviation related use.