Hellenic “Helo Dunker” – Underwater Egress Training Course

Hellenic Navy Helicopter School

The purpose of the dunker training is to expose aircrews and frequent flying passengers to the
experience and related sensations of an aircraft ditching and capsized into the water, while
providing them the necessary knowledge and skills to egress safely from it.

This 2day course is carried out in a safe and controlled environment and it is divided into
theoretical and practical training as follows:

1st Day

Theoretical training

  1. Breathing device HEED
  2. Life vest activation
  3. Brace position
  4. Orientation position
  5. Escape from capsized seat
Practical training
  1. Use of HEED
  2. Life vest underwater activation
  3. Escape from capsized seat with the use of HEED

2nd Day

Theoretical training

  1. Egress procedure analysis
  2. Avoiding and encountering problem evacuation
  3. Life raft
  4. Rescue Hoist procedures
Practical training
  • Module training
  1. Day
  2. Day with inversion
  3. Twilight with inversion
  4. Dark with inversion
  5. Day using HEED device
  6. Day with inversion using HEED device
  • Use of life raft
  • Rescue hoist procedure