21st & 22nd October 2008, Royal Olympic Hotel, Athens, Greece.

The new millenium has experienced some of the worst fires around the globe in living memory.  Not just wildfires that affect huge swathes of forest, savannah and agricultural land, but also fires occurring in suburban areas and city high-rise buildings as a result of both deliberate and accidental ignition.

In 2007 alone whole communities in Athens and California have been razed at a huge cost to both human life and property.

How can civil and military fixed and rotary aircraft, using highly innovative aerial firefighting technologies and techniques, work with firefighting units on the ground to suppress and extinguish these fires safely and successfully?

This event is the first to address both the global issues and fixed and rotary-winged aerial technologies and techniques necessary to attack both low-populated forest and agricultural wildfires and the highly-populated urban and high-rise environments.  This conference and exhibition will bring together the worlds experts and focus on aerial firefighting technologies and operations, including the cooperation and collaboration experiences and lessons learned in ground-to-air firefighting management.