Air Navigation Pro update is available!

What’s new:

Terrain awareness 2D and 3D (requires 3D data for EFIS to be installed)

– Improved attitude indication. The attitude should now closely match what you can expect from a mechanical horizon.

– Manual navigation in 3D view: when the application is in “EDIT MODE”, you can freely pitch, course, move forward/backward by using the controls in the 3D view. You can also change the altitude with the altitude scale

– Screen lock (swipe screen with 3 fingers right to left, swipe left to right to unlock)

– Notepad: when screen lock is on, you can now write useful information on the screen with you finger (ATC frequencies, Transponder codes, etc). You can switch between 6 notepad areas by swiping 3 fingers up and down. 3 taps with 3 fingers on the screen or pressing the red sign on the top left corner, will delete the notepad area you are working on.

– Improved night mode, will now dim the entire screen instead of just the map background

– Customizable map background color for areas where no maps are available.

Changes for Greek Section

– Free Map 1:250k for Greece is updated fixing the issue with the blank areas while zooming in. Update can be downloaded from Air Navigation’s Map Store (after update application must be restarted).

– Database was updated by adding the following ZZZZ airfields:

  • Matkaris Aerosports Olympiada,
  • PREL Wing & Rotor ltd,
  • Neos Zigos,
  • Thiva 90,
  • Flampouro Elasonas,
  • Larisa Airclub – Terpsithea,
  • Edessa Panagitsa,
  • Nea Kavala – Polykastro.

Getting a correct calibration for EFIS mode

  • The calibration is valid for a pitch offset but not yaw or roll. Therefore the iPad can be tilted back or forth but must be aligned laterally and horizontally. Otherwise the attitude will not be correct.
  • On calibration, the iPad has to have rotation unlocked. This is because we have to affect the correct axis to the algorithm and we need to know how is the interface orientation.
  • Once calibrated, the screen rotation has to be locked, to avoid unexpected interface rotation in case of turbulences.
  • The iPad must be placed in such a way to have the less possible vibrations. Vibrations are an issue especially when pulling a 45° roll turn with the aircraft resulting in a saturation of the sensors.
  • The algorithm uses the current ground speed of the aircraft as part of the attitude computation. A wrong speed/speed of 0 will result in inaccuracies in the attitude.

Should you require assistance feel free to have a look at the AirNavigation Pro Training Videos, download the User Manual 5.0, or Contact Us for anything concerning the Greek section.

Air Navigation Pro is available for the iPhone and the iPad on the App Store.