Safety Information Bulletin Operations
SIB No.: 2016-13
Issued: 09 September 2016

Subject: Fire hazards associated with Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices

Ref. Publications:
– EASA Safety Information Bulletin (SIB) No. 2009-22R1;
– Commission Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 of 5 October 2012;
– International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Document 9284, Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air (hereafter referred to as the Technical Instructions);
– ICAO Doc. 9481, ‘Emergency Response Guidance for Aircraft Incidents Involving Dangerous Goods’.

Aircraft Operators.

The Agency took note of the official communication1 issued by Samsung Corp. informing its customers about the recently reported incidents concerning the Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices.
According to Samsung Corp., as a result of the investigation carried out the company learned that there is an issue with the battery cell. As a consequence, Samsung Corp. has decided to replace the devices.

Considering the above mentioned information, the European Aviation Safety Agency recommends that operators ensure that:
– Passengers and crew keep any Samsung Galaxy Note7 device that has not been replaced as mentioned above turned off, do not charge it while on board of the aircraft and do not put these devices inside the checked baggage; and
– Passengers are reminded of the need to immediately inform the cabin crew when a device is damaged, hot, produces smoke, is lost, or falls into the seat structure.

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