We are happy and very proud to announce that our latest project of creating the TMA charts for the Hellenic FIR is completed, covering 34 airports for the following Terminal Areas:

Anchialos, Andravida, Athinai, Iraklion, Kalamata, Kerkyra, Kos, Larisa, Rodos, Samos, Souda, Tanagra and Thessaloniki.

The charts will be available in electronic form from within Air Nav Pro’s (iPhone and iPad) map store, in section Approach Charts under “Hellenic Terminal Areas”.
Of course the charts are Geo calibrated, viewable on the moving map module.
This way you will have a visual aid of VFR routes, reporting points etc. within the TMAs which will be automatically enabled when selecting an airport as a Destination or Departure.

We are exploring the possibilities of publishing the charts in a hard copy form. Athinai TMA is already published in high definition .pdf format and distributed free from our site. You can download, print, copy, share it, but you are kindly requested, not to remove by any means the GreekHelicopters logo or copyright notice. All rights, for these charts, are reserved.

The credit for the impressive charting work goes to the project manager, Cpt Kamzelas Christos, who worked very hard and with minimum resources for many months.

Following is the message that everyone in the aviation industry knows exactly what it means…

While every effort is made to ensure that the content of these charts is accurate, we make no warranty, implied or express, that any part of the data herein will be error-free. You should always consult the official Hellenic Aeronautical Information (AIP) published by the Hellenic CAA.


Screenshots from Air Navigation pro with the Terminal charts projected on the moving map:


For our HAF SAR helicopter crews, we have published the Hellenic Spider Routes also available from within Air Navigation Pro’s map store.



We are always waiting for your comments, suggestions or even errors you may have encountered HERE