We have the pleasure to inform you that a new version of the GAM (Greek Aviation Map) charts covering the Athinai FIR, the Version V 3.1 ( 28/04/2016, based on the Amendment 02/2016 AIP Greece), is now available.

Since the GAM team of pilots started with the first VFR charts covering the Athinai FIR (V 1.0 – 08/11/2010), they never stop listening to pilots and users of the charts to improve and provide a better and more practical tool.

They will continue to update the charts each time that the AIP Greece will come up with significant changes, giving each VFR pilot the opportunity to have current aeronautical charts with the latest information on board, and they will continue to listen to every fellow pilot who comes up with ideas for improvement, remarks or error report.
We believe that a safe flight can only be done based on correct, precise and current information inside the aircraft .

Major Changes on Version 3.1 (28/04/2016), based on Amendment 02/2016 of the AIP Greece
All Radio frequencies are now in the new format xxx.xxx (for example : 120.15 is now 120.150)
11 modifications on the IFR Routes and reporting points
31 modifications on the airports information, including the new VFR routes for SKYROS TMA, new airports like DOUNIS Airfield, MARGARITI, NEASYLLATA , many changes on the ADRAVIDA TMA VFR routes and reporting points, airport closed like LGAG and ZZZZ Lamia.
20 modification on the heliports information.

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They are always looking for ways to improve the charts and if you have any comment, ideas or remarks, do not hesitate to contact them.

GAM and AOPA Hellas are fighting hard to increase the level and the quality of the services provided at the different airports in Greece and the services provided from the authorities (HCAA) to the General Aviation.
Based on pilot or passenger reports, they activate certain action such as going up to the top management of the HCAA, making official complaint with the assistance of legal consultant, make some public report of situations and so on.
If you feel that you have been not treated fairly or correctly, if you have witnessed an illegal or unsafe situation during your flight within Greece or if you have any comment or flight experience to share, do not hesitate to contact AOPA Hellas or us at Greek Aviation Map.