We are all using Aero webGIS application to get NOTAMs on a daily basis while preparing our flights. Actually it is the only and most current Greek application to provide live access to NOTAMs depicted as polygons on the map.

After discussing with Aero webGIS developer, Mimis Simos we came up with the idea to implement the NOTAM areas directly in Air Navigation Pro‘s moving map. Mimis immediately embraced the idea and although this project is still under development, as from today the NOTAM areas can be imported to ANP and depicted as polygons on the moving map with ease.

Long story short, after you enter the time duration for the NOTAMs affecting your flight, click the “NOTAM Polygons (kml)” button to download and import the .kml file directly to Air Navigation Pro. With so many areas in Greece closed by NOTAMs, this is a great tool for flight preparation and in flight situation awareness.

In Aero webGIS app, VFR waypoints, controlled airspaces, METAR, TAF, airport and heliport information, refuelling stations and so many more are always available and current. If you haven’t tried it yet we strongly advise you to have a look.