Aero webGIS 2. A private initiative which although was around for some time, it is not widely known. Perhaps a difficult name, or difficult to remember link but believe me, for anyone who works in the aviation industry is a link that must be saved on every home page of mobile, iPad or tablet.

It is a valuable preflight tool with lots of information. Until recently, the interface of was designed for desktop and the use even on the iPad was particularly difficult while on a mobile I would say impossible.

Mimis (Dimitris) Simos realized the necessity and upgraded it to a mobile friendly interface. Information such as weather data (Metar, TAF) and NOTAM, is all gathered in the Aero webGIS 2. NOTAMs are always current and most importantly shown on the map with polygons. In the new version screen sharing (for emails, social networks etc) geolocation and position tracking are available to the user. App state is also saved. Of course it is not limited to the Greek FIR!!!

Great proof that when someone loves his job he finds solutions for everything. The platform of Mimis covers a huge gap. Like so many others in the field of the Greek General Aviation. Luckily there are people with passion and vision like Mimis.

Aero webGIS 2


The service is completely free, but it would be good to help as much as we can. If you read the Information page at Aero webGIS 2, you will find somewhere a distinctive small button that says donation. By tapping it, we not only reward the creator, but we give him the strength to go even further. We shouldn’t forget that even the existence of a site on the internet is costly not to mention the hours to create this great tool for Greek General Aviation.