Athens Heliport – Condor Nest is dedicated to providing top-notch services to enhance the operational efficiency of helicopter operations across Greece. One of the standout services offered is their advanced autonomous refueling systems, specifically designed to ensure fuel availability even in the most remote locations.

Innovative Refueling Solutions

These autonomous refueling systems are custom-built to meet the diverse needs of helicopter operators. Each system is TUV inspected, ensuring they meet the highest standards of safety and reliability. The refueling units are designed to be versatile and can be powered either by a 230V electrical source or through a 12V option that is rechargeable via solar power. This dual-power capability ensures that the refueling systems are operational under various conditions, making them highly dependable in different environments.

Flexibility and Convenience

Athens Heliport – Condor Nest offers these autonomous refueling systems either for purchase or rent, providing flexibility for different operational needs. This service is particularly beneficial for operators who need reliable refueling options in areas where traditional fuel supply infrastructures are lacking. By deploying these systems, operators can ensure that their helicopters are always ready for takeoff, regardless of their location.

Benefits of the Autonomous Refueling Systems

  • Reliability: The autonomous systems provide a consistent and dependable fuel supply, essential for the smooth operation of helicopter services.
  • Safety: Being TUV inspected, these systems adhere to stringent safety standards, ensuring safe handling and storage of aviation fuel.
  • Versatility: The dual-power option makes these systems adaptable to various environmental conditions, enhancing their usability.
  • Cost-Effective: Available for both purchase and rent, these refueling systems offer a cost-effective solution for managing fuel logistics.

Cooperation with Shell

Athens Heliport – Condor Nest is proud to cooperate with Shell, a global leader in aviation fuel. This partnership ensures that the autonomous refueling systems are supplied with high-quality aviation fuel. Shell’s expertise in fuel technology and safety standards complements Athens Heliport – Condor Nest commitment to operational excellence, providing an additional layer of reliability and efficiency.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency

The introduction of these autonomous refueling systems is a significant step towards improving the operational efficiency of helicopter services in Greece. By ensuring a steady supply of fuel in remote areas, Athens Heliport – Condor Nest helps operators minimize downtime and maximize their operational capabilities. This service is particularly valuable for emergency services, tourism, and other sectors that rely heavily on helicopter transportation.


The ONLY prerequisite for installing these systems is that the area should be easily accessible by a fuel truck. This ensures that fuel can be delivered efficiently and on time, maintaining a seamless refueling process. The accessibility by fuel trucks is crucial as it guarantees that the autonomous refuel systems can be supplied with fuel without any logistical challenges, thereby supporting uninterrupted operations and minimizing any potential downtime due to fuel shortages.

For more information on how these autonomous refuelling systems can benefit your operations, visit the Athens Heliport Autonomous Refueling Stations page or contact Condor Nest at +30 22950 22423, email: