Pilots operating aircraft in Greece should file the Form731 prior to their departure for all private flights carrying passengers, despite the aircrafts registration. Private flights are considered all flights with aircraft not operating under AOC. ATO and DTO training flights DO NOT carry passengers and therefore are excepted. The Form731 serves as part of the General Declaration.

When departing from airports the Form731 should be attached together with the General Declaration. When departing from landing sights, heliports, private airfields etc. the pilot should email a copy of the Form731 to the HCAA at generalaviationflights@hasp.gov.gr prior to departure.

All passengers should sign the Form731 as official statement that the flight mentioned is not commercial and no fare (fee) has been paid as well as if it is a cost sharing flight or not.

Fail to comply may result in penalty fee and legal actions against the pilot in command by the HCAA.

There is an application available for iPhones and iPads to save you time in the Form731 filing procedure. The PIC as well as the passengers can easily sign on the iPhone/iPad screen. The form is prepared automatically in .pdf and can be send via your email to the HCAA.

The app does not save/disclose any of your data other than on your own device. It is merely an App that fills in a PDF with data and YOU send it from YOUR email account to the appropriate recipient in Hellenic CAA.