Please be advised that flying to a destination with any GA aircraft is restricted as this is part of Greece’s lockdown (as per private car drivers who found to be traveling for leisure and are fined). In case of aircraft in addition to the fine there is a big possibility for the prohibition of departure back to the origin if there is no transportation exemption reason.

If however the purpose of the flight complies with an exception, the local authorities will be notified by the ATCs and will wait you at your landing area to check the passenger’s Work Commute Permit for Employees (type A) or Extraordinary Moving Permit (type B) as well as 731 form. Not to mention of course IDs or Passports.
AOC operations should also comply. Passengers and crews must have permits accordingly. Furthermore AOC operators must follow the Procedure for the approval of emergency flights.

Greece’s general lockdown transportation exemptions:

  • Travel to and from work during working hours.
  • Going to the pharmacy or to the doctor provided this is necessary, further to telephone consultation.
  • Going to the super market, mini market for basic necessities, if delivery is not possible.
  • Going to the bank if the necessary transaction is not possible online.
  • Going to assist someone in need.
  • Attending a ceremony (e.g. funeral, wedding, christening) as per the relevant legislation; maintaining parent-child contact in case of divorced or separated parents as per relevant legislation.
  • Exercising outdoors or walking a pet. If accompanied by another individual, then there should be a 1.5 metres distance between the two.
Stay safe, Stay home!
We all want to get back to flying but for now we must stay grounded.


For more information please refer to on the Lockdown Movement Permit section.