On December we started testing our new pilot advisory messaging system (PAM) based on Apple Wallet tickets/passes to send push notifications concerning significant advisory information for pilots flying in Greece.

We are more than happy to announce that PAM is in full operational mode with more than 300 installed tickets up to date. We strongly encourage more pilots to take advantage of this service, needless to say it is and will be free.

Install the PAM ticket on your iPhone and/or Watch (just like with boarding passes, tickets, credit cards etc.) following the link below and you are all set! Please note that Wallet is not available on iPad so you have to open the link from your iPhone.

When there is a new message you will see a pop up notification on your iPhone’s lock screen. You can then click on it to access the PAM ticket. Detailed information, if available, is on the back (just press the three dots to turn it over). After being clicked, the notification will disappear from the lock screen but the ticket will have all the information until the next message.

For more information refer to Greek Helicopters Pilot Advisory Messaging.

Furthermore we are looking for pilots who want to contribute in Greek Helicopters by any means. Airplane pilots can also contribute in our AvINFO project. Please contact us for any inquiries.