Ref: HCAA/D2/4366/27-03-2020 “Additional extension of the Airworthiness Review Certificate validity when the aircraft is under controlled environment”.

In order to benefit Exemption as described in the above referred letter, the following mitigating measures/conditions must be complied with:

1. Staff is unavailable due to CONVID-19 outbreak restrictions and/or a physical survey is impossible to be performed due to travel restrictions or access restrictions to aircraft.

2. The conditions for an extension of the ARC in accordance with points (b) and (j) of M.A.901 or point (c) of ML.A.901, as applicable, are met.

3. A full documented review in accordance with point (k) of M.A.901 point ML.A.903, as applicable, has been satisfactorily conducted.

4. There is no known evidence that the aircraft is not airworthy.

5. The new expiry date shall be entered on the current Airworthiness Review Certificate clearly above the expiry date, which should be struck through, undersigned by the person conducted the extension with reference to the exemption letter notification number (Ref: HCAA/D2/4366/27-03-2020), which letter shall be attached to the ARC.

6. A COPY of thę extended ARC is sent to the HCAA within 10 working days.

The use of this extension does has no effect to the next ARC validation date, which is set up one year after the previous expiration date in order to keep the continuity of the existing airworthiness review pattern.