Aircraft and crew arriving for HELI-EXPO 2009 in Anaheim, California were met with perfect weather conditions both today and yesterday (February 18-19).  The sun was shining in a cloudless sky and the only wind to speak of was generated by whooshing rotor blades as the helicopters came in to land.  On-lookers lined the streets and safety barriers to watch as aircraft of all shapes and sizes descended into the parking lot of their city’s convention center.

More than 50 helicopters landed safely on site thanks to careful planning and execution by the pilots, flight line controllers, and ground handlers.  Also of great help was the presence of local pilots, who were on hand to assist out-of-town crews with flight planning and navigation from the Long Beach Airport staging area to the convention center.

This year’s fly-in marked a great start to HELI-EXPO 2009 and now the laborious efforts of our exhibitors will transform the concrete and crate-strewn convention center into a polished venue for cutting-edge helicopter technology and services.

We’re looking forward to it!