Williamsport, PA – June 2, 2008 – Recognizing global concerns about the immediate an long-term availability of aviation grade 100LL fuel, Lycoming Engines, a Textron INC. (NYSE:TXT) company, today announced an unleaded automotive gasoline approval program for its standard compression ratio O-360 and IO-360 product lines.

Unleaded 93 AKI automotive gasoline conforming to either Euro Norm EN228 or ASTM D4814 will be the basis of this Lycoming specified fuel. Supplemental requirements within the scope of the existing standards will be stated as necessary for safe operation in aviation applications.

Approval is expected by Fall 2008. Please note that this program will be an engine approval only. Aircraft certification approval must be obtained seperately to permit operation with this fuel.


Press Release

Media Contact: Kristen Samson, Lycoming Engines. ksamson@lycoming.Textron.com