As published on ENR 2. AIR TRAFFIC SERVICES AIRSPACE ENR, 20 June 2019, all Civil TMA base altitude are corrected to 1000 FT ABOVE SFC. This is a proof that AOPA HELLAS and Approach Control established grounds of communication and cooperation after many years.

We hope that MTMAs will very soon correct the base altitudes too. Until now the AGL or SFC was missing and it is confused as MSL. ANNEX 11 very well states that minimum base altitude can be no less that 700’ AGL. In Greece it was always 1000’ AGL, but for some reason changed some years ago, maybe just typo error… It is a huge error though and must be corrected ASAP for all MTMAs.

This 1000’ AGL assists General Aviation aircraft fly recreational in Class G airspace without interfering with controlled airspace. There are MTMAs that cover huge areas with no radio coverage below 3000 feet or close to the airport, with complicated VFR routes that serve nothing, with way to many useless waypoints and the TMA starting at least 500’ below surface!!! This is very unfriendly to GA in a country that should assist GA by all means. We strongly encourage the military authorities to take action and correct the error.