According to the official statement of the Greek government spokesman, the Greek Prime Minister is going to ask the President of the Hellenic Republic to call for National Elections on the 7th of July 2019. The Organising Committee has, therefore, agreed on the following:
The cancellation of the 8th Kavala Air/Sea Show 2019, which has been organised since November 2018, due to the aforementioned urgent governmental decision that is shifting all priorities on a national level.
The decision was taken promptly with a view to limiting any possible losses in terms of costs -despite the fact that no entry fee is charged- and decision making on the part of the participants and the thousands of visitors and friends.
We would like to thank the thousands of visitors and friends from Greece and abroad ,as well as our volunteers, while expressing our sorrow for this outcome which coincided with the scheduled presentation of the official programme for the 8th Kavala Air/Sea Show 2019.

Panagiotis J. Georgiadis Colonel (res. HAF)
KASS Organiser & Flying Display Director