The AMA areas (AMC Manageable Areas) are areas that are published in AIP Greece ENR 5. Their activation is carried out by the AMC through the daily EAUP/EUUP, in accordance with the requests of the interested parties taking into consideration the anticipated impact on civil traffic.

As from September 21, 2023, the activation of these areas will exclusively be announced via the daily EAUP/EUUP edition of Eurocontrol’s Network Operations Portal (NOP).more info

Eurocontrol’s FPL acceptance system automatically rejects flight plans for IFR flights that impact these areas. Nevertheless, it is crucial to keep operators informed on a daily basis about the activated areas for VFR flights. This can be accomplished by consulting the EAUP/EUUP.

Eurocontol’s public NOP

To access the list of active AMA areas:

  1. Go to Eurocontrol’s public NOP
  2. Find section European AUP/UUP and select the EUUP (The European Updated Airspace Use Plan) accordingly (Some entries may appear against a blue background meaning that they are active, with their validity period compatible with the Portal Time Setting, found on the top of page).
  3. On the top of the page, set LGGG in FIR ID field and press Go or Enter.