In the fast-paced world of aviation, it’s essential to have tools that offer not only efficiency but also accuracy. Avitracer’s BRIEF platform presents itself as the gold standard for flight planning and filing, catering to a wide range of aviation stakeholders, including AOCs, Flight Schools, and Private Pilots.

Key Features of BRIEF by AviTracer

  • All-in-One Flight Documentation
    BRIEF enables users to prepare the GenDec and Passenger Manifest. These documents are quintessential for AOC operations to ensure a hassle-free experience. Along with that, pilots can generate a detailed navigation log that even accommodates custom VFR points.
  • Stay NOTAM Informed
    With BRIEF, you’re never in the dark. The platform provides timely updates on NOTAMs, ensuring you’re always informed about potential disruptions in your chosen airspace.
  • Flight Plan Management
    BRIEF revolutionizes the flight planning process. With the Quick File feature, users can expedite the entire procedure. Moreover, it comes equipped with its own AFTN address. This allows users to effortlessly file, change, delay, or even cancel their flight plans, fostering improved communication with enroute ATCs.
  • Optimized Reusability
    Recurring flights? No problem! BRIEF allows you to store data on frequently used aircraft, crew, and routes. This feature minimizes repetitive input and ensures a quicker flight filing process.
  • Enhanced Passenger Experience
    Elevate the boarding process with personalized boarding passes. Compatible with both iOS and Android, this feature ensures a seamless experience for your passengers. Additionally, the inclusion of auto-expiring tracking links with ETA on boarding passes allows passengers to track flights in real-time, striking the perfect balance between convenience and privacy.
  • Intuitive Route Planning
    BRIEF’s map interface is designed for ease of use. With support for map-based input and AIP point autocompletion, planning your routes has never been easier.
  • Weather Updates at Your Fingertips
    Safety first! BRIEF provides comprehensive weather information, covering everything from enroute weather, METAR, TAF, to icing projections. This ensures pilots have all the data they need for a safe flight.
  • Customized Risk Assessments
    BRIEF acknowledges that every company is unique. Therefore, it allows customization of the risk assessment document to align with a company’s SOP. This ensures a tailored risk assessment process for both AOC and Training operations.
  • Detailed Flight Statistics
    Data-driven decisions are the way forward. Access to detailed flight statistics on BRIEF ensures that you can evaluate operations over varying timeframes, be it weekly, monthly, or annually.

BRIEF by AviTracer isn’t just another flight planning tool. It’s an end-to-end solution that understands the nuances of the aviation world, promising an efficient, informed, and enhanced flight planning experience. Whether you’re an AOC, a flight school, or a private pilot, BRIEF is the companion you’ve been waiting for.

Plan, File, Fly with BRIEF!

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