Pilots and aviation operators are hereby advised to exercise extreme caution while flying in the vicinity of Kifissia, Erythraia and Dionysos.

It came to our attention that a drone is currently being deployed for fire detection purposes, and it remains airborne for extended periods during daylight hours, reaching altitudes of up to 1500′ MSL (400′ AGL). The drone is operated by a private voluntary group of civilians aiming to identify and report fires early in the area, utilizing thermal cameras for enhanced detection capabilities. A great initiative that we must embrace. Unfortunately, neither the specific hours nor the area of operation for this drone are currently known. Not even LGTT ATC is aware, although the drone’s operating area is within the airport’s ATZ, not to mention that the east downwind leg is at 1800’ MSL giving just a 300’ clearance.

Given the presence of this drone in the airspace, it is crucial for all aircraft specially helicopters to remain vigilant and maintain a safe distance from the operational area. Drones can be difficult to spot from a distance, especially when conducting fire detection missions at varying altitudes.

Helicopter pilots are urged to exercise caution and be aware of the potential hazards associated with the drone’s operation during departure and approach phases from/to heliports in the area.

Collaboration with local authorities and adherence to aviation regulations are essential to maintaining harmony in the airspace and achieving the collective goal of preventing fires.

Kindly be aware that the enclosed map relies on pilot reports and assumptions. We trust that the operators will provide us with precise details regarding their area of operations to ensure the safety of all airspace users and comply with aviation regulations.