Since we started with the first VFR charts 1/500.000 covering the Athinai FIR ( V 1.0 – 08/11/2010 ), we never stoped listening to our friend pilots and users of the charts to improve and provide a better and more practical tool.

In this new version, we have all the current aeronautical information based on the last AIP Greece AIRAC AMDT 06/21 – effective date 12/08/2021
with all the updated information like new VFR routes for Athens TMA and Tanagra TMA.
You will also find a lot of useful features like transition altitude for each major airports, more than 4.500 small villages and ground features easily recognizable by the air, TMA frequencies and a lot of useful information like Ground handling companies telephone number and sites, customs/international airport list, Fraport privatized airport list and much more.

We have also improved the readability of the information like IFR points or airports details.
We have increased the size covered by the Athens area 1/250.000 included in each chart (North and South) to facilitate the navigation around the complex and busy Athens TMA airspace.

We believe that a safe flight can only be done based on correct, precise and current information inside each aircraft.

To help each pilot to have a current chart in the cockpit, we have decided to keep our normal prices unchanged until the end of September 2021
(still the same prices since the first edition in 2010) Standard version: 45.00€/chart (90.00€ per set North + South) and Plastic version: 55.00 € / chart (110.00€ per set).


Orders of V.4.1 chart placed until end of September 2021,
will get a special 20% discount

Standard version 36.00€/chart (72.00€ North+South set)
Plastic version: 44.00€/chart (88.00€ North+South set)


Place your order for the GAM VFR charts V 4.1

If you need the chart for special use or you would like to put it on a wall, the V 4.1 will be also available in one piece wall chart with metallic supports on top and bottom (appropriate for operational room / air club briefing rooms) or in any other dimensions (without respecting the 1/500.000 scale). Contact us for more details and pricing.

We are always looking for ways to improve the charts and if you have any comment, ideas or remarks, do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you many happy landings.

The GAM Team.


+30 6944 727 427