As responsible helicopter pilots, we encourage you to adopt neighborly friendly flying practices for your approach and landing phases at Helistar Profarta heliport. This involves:

  • Flying at altitudes that minimize noise disturbances to the extent possible.
  • Adhering to designated flight paths and recommended routes to avoid overflight of sensitive areas.
  • Respecting local regulations and guidelines related to helicopter operations.
  • Remaining vigilant and attentive to changing conditions, including weather, to ensure safe operations.

We understand the importance of our role in the community, and by adopting neighborly friendly flying practices, we can enhance the overall quality of life for everyone.

Please take the time to review the updated airspace charts and familiarize yourself with the red-marked areas and any associated restrictions.

Additionally, stay informed through regular updates from air traffic control and relevant authorities to be aware of any changes in airspace regulations.

Your commitment to safety and neighborly friendly flying is greatly appreciated. By working together, we can maintain a safe and harmonious airspace environment.

Fly safely, fly responsibly, and thank you for your cooperation.


Useful article (Greek language): Τεχνικές ελαχιστοποίησης αποτυπώματος θορύβου του ελικοπτέρου κατα τη διαδικασία από-προσγειώσης.