New free updated charts for “Hellenic Terminal Areas and EasyTAXI Charts” are available for Air Navigation Pro users. The updates cover the Terminal Areas of the following airports:

  • LGKO
  • LGKY
  • LGIR
  • LGST
  • LGTL
  • LGSK
  • We also added the new VFR routes of PAROS TMA.

    To update goto Configuration > Add-ons (Map Store) > Installed products
    After the automatic check for updates you will notice the sign [6 updates] (in red color) just before “Greece Hellenic Terminal Areas and EasyTAXI charts” Touch and select Update on the next menu” to download the updated files.

    After the update completes press on the small (i) on the right of “Greece Hellenic Termional Areas…”
    On the next screen you will notice that all Files are marked with a green dot. That means that the files are current and the update was successful. Except two files marked with a gray dot. LGNX and LGPA. Just touch and select install. These are two new files for the CTR of LGPA.