The flying activity of our company, from the year 2004 until today, has recorded tens of thousands of flight hours in a wide range of air transport which, in addition to the transport of people, includes projects such as air transport of patients and aerial photography, without recording the slightest accident. At the same time, we are a certified training and examination body for airplane and helicopter pilots, having trained more than 350… pilots, who successfully provide their services to many airlines around the world.
In relation to the tragic event of 25.7.2022, our company declares that has fully implemented every safety procedure and regulation, while, as always, has taken care of providing detailed instructions to the passengers, both with a special video that they received when the flight reservation was made, then upon boarding the helicopter electronically as well as verbally, instructing and demonstrating safety and embarkation/disembarkation regulations and procedures.
The incident is under investigation as part of a preliminary examination, while we are in full contact and cooperation with the competent authorities, making every available element available to those responsible.